Scott Simon has been in small business for more than 10 years. He is passionate towards blogging. Most recently he was General Manager of a local software engineering firm that he helped grow. During that time it became apparent to him that small businesses, even those with marketing and sales budgets, do not have all the resources they need. It was this fundamental belief, that small businesses need support and a place to call their online home, which gave birth to CarefullyPicked.

We are committed to creating an online environment that makes sense. That makes growing your business easier. That gives you the answers and solutions to everyday problems. CAREFULLYPICKED is run by people with extensive small business experience. All the content and tools are being created in a way that is easily understood by small business owners and entrepreneurs. We hope you enjoy and benefit from CAREFULLYPICKED and participate in our small biz community. Let us know how we can improve and we will always try to satisfy you and support your business.